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Accardi, Carla

Italian abstract painter associated with the Informel Art and the Povera Art movements. (1924-2014)

Albers, Josef

German abstract painter. (1888-1976)

Baldaccini, César

French sculptor part of the Nouveau Réalisme movement. (1921-1998)

Basaldella, Afro

Italian abstract painter ​from the post-World War II period. (1912-1976)

Bertini, Gianni

Italian painter and graphic artist. (1922-2010)

Bonalumi, Agostino

Italian painter, draughtsman and sculptor. (1935-2013)

Borghi, Paolo

Italian painter, sculptor and architect. (1942-)

Cheriscla, Bruno

Italian painter and sculptor. (1937-2013)

Corpora, Antonio

Italian abstract painter who followed the Tachisme style. (1909-2004)

Delaunay, Sonia

French abstract artist who is known for her strong colours and geometric shapes. (1885-1979)

Di Stefano, Nunzio

Italian Postwar and Contemporary artist. (1954-)

Dorazio, Piero

Italian abstract artist. (1927-2005)

Drukker, Sam

Dutch artist known for his portraits. (1957-)

Fermariello, Sergio

Italian painter. (1961-)

Fontana, Lucio

Argentinian painter and sculptor and founder of Spatialism. (1899-1968)

Hartung, Hans

German-French abstract painter. (1904-1989)

Javacheff, Christo

Bulgarian artist known for his large-scale, site-specific environmental installations. (1935-2020)

Kentridge, William

South African sculptor, filmmaker and draftsman. (1955-)

Kounellis, Jannis

Greek artist associated with the Art Povera movement. (1936-2017)


South Korean abstract sculptor. (1954-)

Lodola, Marko

Italian visual artist representative of the Neo-Futurist movement. (1955-)

Miró, Joan

Spanish painter, sculptor and ceramicist. (1893-1983)

Park, Eun Sun

South Korean abstract sculptor. (1965-)

Parmeggiani, Tancredi

Italian abstract painter. (1927-1964)

Pearlstein, Philip

American painter known for his Modernist Realist nudes. (1924-2022)

Picasso, Pablo

Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, ceramicist and theatre set designer. (1881-1973)

Plessi, Fabrizio

Italian artist who works mainly with installations and video. (1940-)

Pomodoro, Arnaldo

Italian contemporary sculptor. (1926-)

Prica, Zlatko

Croatian contemporary painter. (1916-2003)

Santomaso, Giuseppe

Italian abstract painter. (1907-1990)

Scanavino, Emilio

Italian painter and sculptor. (1922-1986)

Shishua, Qiu

Chinese landscape painter. (1940-)

Valdés, Manolo

Spanish artist who mixes politics and irony and humor. (1942-)

Vasarely, Victor

Hungarian-French artist known for being one of the biggest artist of the Op Art movement. (1906-1997)

Vedova, Emilio

Italian modern painter. (1919-2006)

Warhol, Andy

American artist known for being a leading figure in Pop Art. (1928-1987)

Zorio, Gilberto

Italian artist associated with the Art Povera movement. (1944-)

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